Finder Reminder App

Introducing “Finder Reminder” & “Finder Reminder Lite” Apps for iPhone/iOS

“Finder Reminder corrals the photographic post-it notes scattered throughout your iOS device into one place, attaching important details like GPS location and description so you might actually remember why you took them in the first place.”

★★★★ out of 5 stars

“Anyone who needs to have instant access to the most complicated details will find this app useful. This is extremely good value for money and I would recommend it.”

★★★★½ out of 5 stars

“Finder Reminder is a totally helpful app for people like me who forget and lose everything they actually need to remember! So if you’re one of the people that need little notebooks or notes in case your brain wants to forget all the needed information then definitely check out Finder Reminder”

Have you ever had one of those moments where you think “I’m just going to leave this here so I remember to bring it with me.”, “Don’t worry, I’ll remember where that place is, I walked by it the other day”, or anything like “I’ll remember the phone number of that new pizza place”. Then, sometime later, you of course need to remember… but you can’t!? How about asking yourself (or significant other) anything along the lines of “Where did I put our passports/camping set/spare car key?” etc…

Finder Reminder is a tool which can easily solve all those problems!

Finder Reminder works using many proven principle of memory retention techniques including association and mnemonics . Remembering where something is becomes a breeze when you can link pictures, names, locations & descriptions to anything you can think of. In fact, even making the physical action to remember something (by entering it in Finder Reminder), increases you chances of remembering it later on!

If this all sounds a bit too involved, don’t worry, we’ve made it ridiculously quick and easy for anyone to keep track of almost anything using Finder Reminder!

Inserting a New “Thing” into Finder Reminder

The workflow is fast and simple:

Finder Reminder will create a flashy icon just like the ones on the home page of your iOS device. If just looking at the icon isn’t enough to jog your memory, tap the icon for a full screen view of the picture. Clicking the “Details” button will allow you to view all the details you previously entered, the map location of your Thing, the date you took the photo, as well as allow you to send email reminders to anyone without leaving Finder Reminder (Dear Bob, gimme back my tool set!).

You can then delete your Thing, or just delete the photo for your Thing in order to keep it around for next time. i.e. keys/wallets and common items.

Here are some of the things that people have been using Finder Reminder to keep track of:

Keys, Wallets, Sunglasses, Spare Keys, Watches, Security passes, Flash / USB drives, Cameras, Passports, Moving Boxes, Sewing needles, Children (!), Earrings / Rings / Jewellery, Medicine / Pills / Vitamins, Camping Supplies / Tents, Torches / Flashlights, Batteries, Yoga Mats, Kindles, Cars/Parking Spots, Analogue Synthesizer settings, Headphones, Bus / Tram / Train Routes, Event Locations, iPods / MP3 Players, Wine / Liquor / Beer types, Furniture / Furniture Stores, Restaurants, Kids bikes, People’s names and faces, Apartment / House rentals and sales, Farm machinery settings (!?), Travel ticket sale ad’s, Saws / Hammers / Screwdrivers and other tools lent to friends, Driving gloves, Inside of the computer or appliance before replacing parts, Tax forms / Paperwork, DJ Mixer level settings, Gym / Fitness class timetables, Shoes, Power adaptors, Cables

Send us a note with things you are using Finder Reminder for, we’ll put it on the list!

Finder Reminder Lite is now available in the App Store. Click below to try it out risk free… for FREE!

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Finder Reminder App

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“Finder Reminder corrals the photographic post-it notes scattered throughout your iOS device into one place, attaching important details like GPS location and description…”